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Expert Toilet Repair Services for Your Plumbing Needs

Resolve your toilet troubles with our specialized toilet repair services. Whether it’s a leak, constant running, or flushing problems, our team delivers effective repairs to restore your bathroom’s reliability.

When your toilet fails, it interrupts both your daily routine and your peace of mind. At Smith and Son Plumbing, we understand the urgency and inconvenience that a blocked toilet may cause in your family. That’s why our toilet repair service is equipped to handle anything from tiny modifications to major repairs, ensuring that your toilet installation runs smoothly and effectively. Trust us to create a solution that not only addresses the issue but also avoids future problems, ensuring that your sanitation demands are met.


From leak fixes to flushing mechanism repairs, our services cover all toilet issues, ensuring your comfort and convenience. We use quality parts for lasting repairs, enhancing your bathroom’s functionality.

Leak Fixes:

Expert repair of leaks to prevent water waste and damage.

Clog Removal:

Effective solutions to clear clogged toilets and restore functionality.

Flush Mechanism Repairs:

Repairs to faulty flush mechanisms for improved efficiency.

Replacement Parts:

High-quality parts used for lasting repair work.

New Toilet Installation:

Professional installation services for upgrading or replacing toilets.

Seal and Gasket Replacement:

Ensuring a tight seal to prevent leaks around the base of the toilet.


Dealing with a malfunctioning toilet? Let Smith and Son Plumbing handle it for you. Our experienced technicians specialize in swift and reliable toilet repairs to restore functionality to your bathroom. Contact us now to schedule a service appointment and say goodbye to toilet troubles for good.


The evolution of the toilet system stands as a monumental leap in human history, a convenience that underscores the importance of basic sanitation within our homes. Reflecting on the global population still deprived of this essential facility, it becomes clear just how vital a functioning toilet system is to our daily lives.

Here at Smith and Son Plumbing, we recognize the critical role your toilet plays in maintaining household hygiene and comfort. A malfunctioning toilet, be it due to a leaking tap, a leaky bowl, or water pooling on the bathroom floor, demands prompt and efficient repair.

Our expert team is adept at diagnosing and fixing any toilet-related issue, ensuring that your bathroom remains fully operational and leak-free. From minor adjustments to comprehensive repairs, we are committed to restoring the functionality and convenience of your toilet system with minimal disruption to your routine.

For reliable toilet repair services that keep your household running smoothly, trust Smith and Son Plumbing. Contact us today to address even the slightest problem with your toilet system, ensuring your home maintains the highest standards of sanitation and comfort.


Experiencing issues with your toilet suite can disrupt your daily life and, if not addressed promptly, can lead to more significant plumbing problems. Smith and Son Plumbing are here to provide reliable toilet repair or replacement services, ensuring your plumbing operates smoothly. Don’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance by a skilled professional to prevent future issues.

  • Major and Minor Leaks: Whether from pipework, the cistern, or the toilet’s base, leaks require immediate attention. DIY solutions are available for the adventurous homeowner, but professional intervention ensures a permanent fix.
  • Flushing Issues: If your toilet refills on its own (phantom flush) or fails to flush correctly, the problem could lie with the flushing mechanism, such as the fill valve, flapper, or flush button, or even low water levels in the tank.
  • Noisy Cistern: Unusual noises post-flush or whistling sounds indicate issues with water levels within the cistern.
  • Blockages: Slow draining or an overflowing toilet points to blockages, possibly from items lodged in the bowl or waste line or damage to internal pipework affecting your household’s drainage system.
  • Toilet Tank Problems: Faulty valves in the cistern may prevent it from filling up or cause continuous water flow.
  • Seat Issues: Daily wear and tear can lead to a squeaky, loose, or broken toilet seat or even a failing seal under the toilet’s base. Poor installation might also result in rusty hinges or a rocking toilet bowl.

Addressing these issues promptly can save you both time and money, preventing unnecessary strain on your household. Trust Smith and Son Plumbing for all your
toilet repair needs and other plumbing services. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to handle everything from leaking toilet repairs to comprehensive maintenance, ensuring your toilet suite functions efficiently and reliably.


Being vigilant about your toilet’s performance is key to identifying when it’s time for repairs. Observe your toilet and its components closely; if you notice any of the following signs, it’s crucial to call Smith and Son Plumbing for prompt and professional service:

Gurgling Sounds:

Pay attention to unusual noises, like gurgling or suctioning from the sink or shower, indicating potential plumbing system issues.

Frequent Clogging:

Experiencing clogs more than once a week suggests a deeper problem with your toilet.

Multiple Flushes Needed:

If one flush isn't enough, it could point to issues with the flushing mechanism, clogged water jets, or low water pressure.

Rust and Corrosion:

Visible rust or corrosion on metal components signals wear and the need for replacements to prevent widespread damage.


The most urgent issue, leaks, should be addressed immediately to avoid water waste, mold, and structural damage.

Smith and Son Plumbing stands as your trusted local plumber, ready to tackle any toilet repair task, no matter its complexity. Our team has a proven track record of efficient, effective service, including:

  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Toilet seat adjustments and repairs
  • Cistern repairs
  • Flushing system restoration
  • Unblocking toilet drains
  • Fixing blocked toilets


Blocked toilets are a frequent concern, often leading to leaks or overflow. If you’re facing such an issue, our team is equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to diagnose and resolve the problem swiftly. While a plunger might suffice for minor clogs, more significant blockages require professional intervention.

Our state-of-the-art CCTV camera inspections can identify the root causes of blockages, from pipe damage to tree root intrusion or buildup of debris. Rest assured, Smith and Son Plumbing are always ready to address your plumbing needs efficiently, ensuring your toilet and plumbing system function optimally.

For all toilet repair and blockage concerns, trust Smith and Son Plumbing, McKinney’s reliable plumbing service provider. Don’t face plumbing challenges alone; reach out to us for expert assistance and peace of mind.

Call us at 214.430.7747 to find out more or schedule a service.

Experience Quality Toilet Repair Service with Smith and Son Plumbing

With Smith and Son Plumbing, McKinney’s leading toilet repair and emergency plumbing specialists, you can ensure your home operates seamlessly. Sometimes, addressing toilet plumbing issues might necessitate a complete toilet replacement rather than a mere repair. Rest assured, we’re equipped to offer comprehensive renovation or replacement services, delivering top-notch service every time.

No challenge is too daunting for our licensed plumbers, who excel in tackling every toilet system issue across McKinney with professionalism and efficiency. We pride ourselves on offering same-day services, ensuring you receive timely assistance for all toilet repair needs. Our team is committed to excellence and ready to resolve your plumbing dilemmas with fully stocked vehicles for on-the-spot service.

We approach every plumbing problem with the intent to provide lasting, honest, and cost-effective solutions, avoiding temporary fixes for permanent results.


Choosing the right plumber is crucial, and there are essential factors to consider to ensure your expectations are met:

  1. Licensing: Confirm the plumber’s licensing to ensure legitimacy.
  2. Experience: Evaluate their experience level and capability to handle your project.
  3. Pricing: Consider whether their rates are reasonable and transparent.
  4. Customer Feedback: Check for client reviews or ask for referrals to gauge their service quality.
  5. Warranty: Ensure they offer a warranty on their work for added peace of mind.

At Smith and Son Plumbing, we stand out with our extensive experience and commitment to solving
toilet repairs in McKinney or any other plumbing issue your home might face. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and equipped with the best tools for the job. We’re ready 24/7 to tackle emergency plumbing needs, always leaving your space clean post-service. We operate with transparency, providing upfront pricing without hidden fees, ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert plumbers are just a call away, ready to address cistern leaks, toilet bowl issues, blockages, flush problems, and more, all at an affordable rate.

Beyond toilet repairs, we also specialize in general plumbing, gas services, and hot water system installations. With over a decade of serving McKinney and its businesses, we’ve built a reputation we’re keen to uphold. We offer upfront, fixed pricing to ensure clarity and satisfaction.

For a lifetime warranty on workmanship and the peace of mind that comes with professional service, contact Smith and Son Plumbing. Our customer service team is waiting to schedule your appointment for emergency plumbing services, promising to arrive as swiftly as possible.

Don't Let a Clogged Toilet Ruin Your Day! Contact Smith and Son for Quick Repair Service!

When dealing with a blocked toilet, the discomfort may rapidly become a stressful scenario. Smith and Son has the most up-to-date gear and procedures for dealing with any toilet clog, no matter how obstinate. We focus on your comfort and happiness so that every toilet service request receives a prompt response and successful resolution.

Our skilled plumbers are ready to help you with anything from eliminating deep obstructions to installing a new toilet system. Avoid the inconvenience of a blocked toilet; let Smith and Son do it quickly and efficiently.

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